SI9865: Tenovin 1


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Tenovin 1 inhibits the deacetylase activity of SirT1 and SirT2. One of the substrates for SirT1 is p53 which is stabilized by acetylation of Lys-382. The ability of p53 to bind DNA is also enhanced by acetylation of Lys-382. Hence, inhibition of SirT1 by tenovin 1 leads to increased stability and activity of p53.


Purity 99%; NMR consistent with structure
Quantity 10 mg
Molecular Weight 369.48 Da
Physical State Powder
Solubility 200mM in DMSO
CAS No. 380315-80-0
Storage 4°C, (-20°C Long term). The product can be shipped at room temperature.

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  • Studying the role of sirtuins in regulating cell growth