LifeSensors has developed the SUMOstar™ tag, a modified version of the SUMOpro tag that extends the benefits of SUMO to mammalian hosts. Like SUMOpro, it increases the expression and solubility of your protein of interest while allowing proper post-translational modifications (PTMs) within the cells. However, the SUMOstar™ tag has been uniquely engineered to resist endogenous SUMO proteases found in eukaryotic systems that might otherwise cleave the tag prematurely. The SUMOstar™ tag remains tethered to the protein throughout the purification process. Precise C-terminal removal of the tag simply requires end user-induced cleavage by engineered SUMOstar™ proteases. The native N-terminal residues of the protein are completely preserved following cleavage, which may be important for its biological activity (e.g. cytokines).

We offer both yeast and human versions of SUMOstar™ depending on your target species of interest.

Service Highlights

  • Convenient, directional cloning of your gene-of-interest in frame with the SUMOstar™ tag
  • Dramatically enhances protein expression and solubility
  • Tag remains fused to protein in mammalian hosts 
  • Precise, end user-induced tag removal by engineered SUMOstar™ protease

Related Products

SUMOstar Kit

In eukaryotes, endogenous SUMO proteases rapidly cleave SUMO fusions in vivo, precluding tag-enhanced expression and purification capacities. To circumvent this problem, LifeSensors has engineered the SUMOstar fusion system.

SUMOstar Antibody

Our Anti-SUMO/SUMOstar antibody is an affinity-purified, polyclonal chicken IgY. It can be used to identify yeast SUMO- and SUMOstar-tagged polypeptides by Western blot and ELISA.

SUMOstar Mammalian Vector

The pM-SUMOstar vector allows for cytosolic expression of SUMO fusion constructs in a mammalian cell system.