LifeSensors understands that early drug discovery programs are both labor intensive and time consuming. Besides involvement in both cellular and biochemical assays, biophysical characterization of potential hits is also a vital part of the drug discovery process – from early hit finding to mechanistic profiling during lead optimization. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with services to further their drug discovery processes, LifeSensors introduces our Biophysical Assay Services.

Associated Services

Thermal Shift Assay

LifeSensors’ thermal shift assay is a quick and easy method to generate ligand-protein binding data and is widely employed across several target proteins and compounds including natural products.

Surface Plasmon Resonance

Generating experimental data for ligand binding to target proteins of interest as well as determination of ligand binding affinity (Kd) is essential for drug discovery. LifeSensors’ Surface Plasmon Resonance is a label-free optical technique that measures interactions in real time.

Fluorescence Polarization Assay

LifeSensors has established a Fluorescence polarization assay platform and offer services to facilitate ligand discovery, as well as characterization for clients. Lifesensors can help you discover and characterize ligands for a variety of target proteins.