Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

LifeSensors, Inc certifies that our products are defect free and will function in the manner described in our catalogue. These products come with a limited warranty valid for 90 days following purchase. Our products are biological in nature and are therefore perishable in nature. Following 90 days, we are not able to certify their functionality as the products may have been improperly stored, or freeze-thawed numerous times.

Limitation of Liability

By purchasing through our catalogue, the buyer acknowledges that LifeSensors, Inc. is not liable for any damages or costs in excess of the final purchase price including shipping.

Fulfilment and Cancellation of Orders

LifeSensors, Inc. agrees to fulfill all orders in a timely manner in accordance with industry best practices. In the event the requested product is not in stock, LifeSensors, Inc agrees to contact the purchaser with an updated fulfilment timeline, or to offer an alternate functional product. Orders may be cancelled up until they are shipped from our facility, at which point they can no longer be cancelled.

Return of Material

LifeSensors, Inc. is committed to providing the best service possible to our customers, as such we have implemented a ninety (90) day return policy, where products may be returned to LifeSensors if there has been an error in processing your order. The buyer acknowledges that they have five (5) days upon receipt of the product to review the contents and verify accuracy of the shipment. If an error in shipment is discovered, please contact


Products will be shipped in appropriate packaging through Fed-Ex. Customers requesting a tracking number can request one through