Your PROTAC Drug Discovery Starts Here

PROTAC compounds, plate-based in vitro and cellular HTS assays.

Plate-based assays, best E2 identification, ubiquitin chain identification, compound library screening, custom assays

Global substrate ID, TUBE-based affinity matrices, tandem mass spec, and custom assays

SUMO-tag system for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells to maximize protein expression

Plate-based assays, compound library screening, ubiquitin chain selectivity, custom assays

Our Mission

LifeSensors’ goal is to help researchers find solutions to the most complex problems related to the diverse UPS. Properly leveraging our ubiquitin products, TUBE technologies, and SUMO-fusion systems can help you to discover and develop targeted drugs from this complex pathway. We offer a variety of services employing our technology that will accelerate PROTAC and UPS drug discovery.