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Explore the future of medicine:
    The ubiquitin and SUMO pathway

Our Services

Ubiquitin PROTAC Drug Discovery

Compound libraries, DUB and E3 ligase HTS assays, selectivity profiling, in vivo validation assays

Proteomics of Ubiquitin

Proteomics services for global substrate ID TUBE and UbiSite proteomics, custom assays

Protein Expression

SUMO Fusion system for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells to maximize the yield of difficult to express proteins

Our Products

TUBEs: Ubiquitin Affinity Matrix.

Pan-selective TUBEs, SUMO traps, K48-, K63- and linear M1 selective TUBEs.

Protein Expression Systems

SUMO/SUMOpro/SUMOstar maximizes solubility and yield of your protein in any host.

Ubiquitin Pathway Enzymes

E1 enzymes, E2 enzymes, E3 ligases, DUBs,
Proteasome, E1/E2/E3-Lite: in vitro profiling.

Ubiquitin Biomarker Assays

UbiTest: substrate ubiquitylation immunoblot, UbiQuant/S: high-throughput ubiquitylation.

Ubiquitins and Chains

Ubiquitin fluorescent probes, Ubiquitin lysine mutants Polyubiquitin chains, Diubiquitin IQFs, CHOP ubiquitin reporter.

Antibodies & Inhibitors

Top-rated VU-1 antibody, ubiquitin antibodies, Ubiquitin pathway enzyme antibodies E1/E2/E3 inhibitors, DUB inhibitors, Proteasome inhibitors, p97 inhibitors