Many new therapies are now being delivered as genes, mRNA, or AAV-mediated vehicles. Poor expression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts is the primary cause of a lack of efficacy of these therapies. Clinical-scale production of functional biotherapeutics such as proteins used in CAR-T therapy and vaccine candidates routinely faces challenges of expression quantity, misfolding, incorrect localization, degradation in the host cell, and HIGH costs. However, clinical-scale production remains critical for successful therapeutic outcomes. 

To overcome these challenges, we developed the SUMOstar™ tag, a modified version of the SUMO fusion platform ideal for mammalian expression due to its resistance to endogenous SUMO proteases found in all eukaryotic systems. The SUMOstar™ tag remains tethered to the protein throughout the purification process. Precise C-terminal removal of the tag simply requires end user-induced cleavage by engineered SUMOstar™ proteases. The native N-terminal residues of the protein are completely preserved following cleavage, which is particularly important for researchers seeking biologically active cytokine-based therapeutic strategies.

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Service Highlights

  • Large-scale production of biotherapeutics
  • Precise, inducible, tag removal to preserve N-terminal residues for biological activity (e.g. cytokines)
  • Enhanced secretion of drug targets such as recombinant antibodies, insulin, growth hormones, and stimulating factors