The SUMOpro tag system is based off our SUMO protein expression platform to maximize the yield of soluble and functional proteins with a native N-terminus. Precise tag removal relies on LifeSensors’ highly specific SUMO proteases, which recognize the tertiary structure of the tag at the N-terminus of the partner protein and cleaves the junction at discrete residues outside the protein sequence. Therefore, SUMO proteases are superior to other proteases commonly used in prokaryotic expression systems that may non-specifically cleave within the protein of interest or leave extra residues behind. By linking a His6 tag to both the SUMOpro fusion tag and SUMO protease, the system allows efficient and rapid purification of untagged proteins using immobilized metal affinity chromatography. SUMOpro fusion, thus, makes purifying your protein easy and affordable.

LifeSensors offers both yeast (SUMOpro) and human (SUMOpro3) tags with corresponding SUMO proteases 1 and 2, respectively.

Service Highlights

  • Convenient, directional cloning of your gene-of-interest in frame with the SUMOpro tag
  • Dramatically enhances recombinant protein expression, reducing costs
  • Increases protein solubility 
  • Precise tag removal following protease cleavage

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The SUMOpro Protein and Peptide Expression Kit maximizes yields of soluble, untagged, functional proteins with the desired N-terminus.


The SUMOpro3 Protein and Peptide Expression Kit maximizes the yield of soluble, untagged, functional proteins with desired N-termini.

SUMO Protease

SUMO-GFP is a recombinant protein that contains yeast SUMO fused to a control polypeptide (GFP). This fusion protein is used as a positive control for SUMO Protease 1 activity.