DUBTACs, or deubiquitinase-targeting chimeras, are innovative molecules designed to recruit deubiquitinase enzymes to specific protein targets for degradation, offering potential therapeutic avenues. LifeSensors technology provides advanced tools and assays to investigate the mechanisms and efficacy of DUBTACs, enabling precise characterization and optimization of these novel compounds for therapeutic development and research purposes.

  • DUBTACs recruit DUBs to a target protein and remove ubiquitin chains, resulting in stabilization of target proteins
  • DUBTACs consist of three components:
    • DUB recruiter
    • Target protein binder
    • Linker connecting both entities


Traditional PROTACs promote degradation of target proteins, whereas DUBTACs stabilize target proteins. DUBTACs restore protein levels, function, and rescue target proteins from degradation via the proteasome. LifeSensors helps you study these DUBs to make breakthrough discoveries and pave the way to novel therapeutics​​​​​​​.

Advantages of Choosing LifeSensors for your DUBTAC Drug Discovery

  • Discover novel DUB ligands by HTS assays
  • Confirmation and counter screen to eliminate off-target compounds
  • Biophysical and biochemical assay development for DUBs
  • Cell-based assays to establish target engagement by compounds