Founded in 1996, LifeSensors, Inc. helps life scientists innovate in basic research, drug discovery and diagnostics. LifeSensors pioneered the SUMO-fusion system for high quality protein expression. Development of cutting-edge tools for ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) and Protein Targeting Chimers (PROTAC) is advancing the UPS field. Poly-ubiquitin affinity matrices, Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities (TUBES), are changing the way scientists make discoveries in UPS and identify novel biomarkers for neurodegeneration and drug discovery.

Our R&D team is composed of highly experienced scientists who are leaders in protein expression and purification, protein chemistry, molecular biology, ubiquitin proteasome system enzyme assay development, novel and sensitive diagnostics systems, and drug discovery. Our leadership in these fields is highlighted in our patent and publication record.

Our business development team works with customers to develop simple and cost-effective work plans. We seek to facilitate a smooth transfer of our technology, offering transfer and licensing terms that fit the needs of our client’s laboratory and organization. Our sales and marketing managers possess in-depth product knowledge. Our team provides state-of-the-art products to make your research and development efforts stay ahead of the field. We have developed non-traditional approaches and scalable discounts to bring our technology to your lab.

We welcome inquiries about Diagnostic kits, R&D products, and technologies to our Business Development group.

  • LifeSensors Mission
  • The LifeSensors Philosophy
  • The LifeSensors Promise
  • Our Team

LifeSensors Mission

As the pioneer company in the ubiquitin field, LifeSensors aims to utilize its scientific leadership and breakthrough technologies to provide the life sciences community with tools and solutions from the ubiquitin pathway that will aid in translational research and drug development.

The LifeSensors Philosophy

To break and exploit the ubiquitin code by fostering innovation through a collaborative, team oriented approach.

The LifeSensors Promise

To provide the highest quality tools to study the ubiquitin pathway. We thoughtfully serve the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in their quest to develop novel, improved medicines.

Corporate Management:
Varsha Luthra, President and CEO

Varsha has held a number of positions in Software development companies. Most recently she was the head of LifeSensors HR Department. She is the founder of VLI Research Inc. A biotech company that launched applications of stable isotope labeled proteins, and had a major impact on solution based approaches to solving protein structures. VLI Research also marked several molecular biology products which advanced NMR based approaches to understanding protein structures.

Brenda Bausher, Manager Operations

Brenda graduated from Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania. There she earned bachelors degrees in both Accounting and Business Management. Brenda brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working with corporate lending and audit groups within a large financial institutions. During her time working in the arena, Brenda specialized in health care and medical sectors, which provides her with invaluable insight into the operational requirements of a biotechnology company such as LifeSensors.