LifeSensors’ custom protein expression service is supported by our powerful SUMO expression platforms and our team of expert protein scientists.  After a rapid development process, you will be provided with your desired quantity of active, highly pure protein.  This will enable you to proceed more quickly with subsequent research using that protein, including high-throughput screening, crystallography, or any other application you desire.

You can choose from any of the protein production, purification, and enzymatic activity determination services we offer that best suits your needs. We will provide you with a competitive quote for the purity you require. LifeSensors’ scientists use our proprietary SUMO expression technologies to enhance expression of your protein in prokaryotic, yeast, insect, and mammalian expression systems.

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The Advantages of the SUMO Fusion Technology 


  • Enhanced protein expression with our proprietary SUMO systems optimized individually for prokaryotic, yeast, insect, and mammalian hosts
  • Increased solubility of the target protein
  • Efficient tag removal generating high yields of untagged protein of interest with the desired N-terminal amino acid
  • Simple purification methods

Brief Overview of  Steps 


  1. Molecular Cloning: Tell us the DNA sequence or supply us with the cDNA of your protein and let us do the rest. Our scientific professionals will determine the appropriate expression system to maximize yield or activity for your protein. Your construct will be cloned into one of our SUMO expression vectors for expression in:
    • E. coli
    • Yeast
    • Insect
    • Mammalian
  2. Feasibility Studies/Protein Expression: We will confirm if the the protein can be expressed and determine the optimal conditions for protein expression and approximately how much protein to expect from 1 L of growth.
  3. Protein Purification: We will develop an efficient, cost effective purification scheme for your protein and deliver it in the quantity and purity you specify.

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