To learn how we apply these platforms to achieve similar results on for your difficult protein, please see the Protein On Demand page, which explains and shows how we plan to execute our services to tailor to your specific needs.

Applications of the SUMO System to Solve Difficult Expression Problems

Numerous labs have used SUMO systems to overcome inefficient protein expression. To view the complete list of examples, please see SUMO publications. The LifeSensors team can provide the best host and vector system to enhance the level of expression and improve the quality of your protein. The most notable applications where SUMO has made a dramatic difference in expression yield and manufacturing cost are listed below:

  • SUMOpro enhanced expression and yield of therapeutic cytokines and neurotropic growth factors that were misfolded or inactive in traditional systems. Fusion with SUMO allowed
  • The SUMOpro system dramatically enhanced the expression of a therapeutic peptide (50 AA resides) in E. coli. Without SUMO fusion, the cost of goods for clinical trials was prohibitive. Cost of GMP production of the therapeutic protein was reduced to demonstrate clinical proof of concept.
  • A 110KDa ubiquitin proteasome system enzyme could only be expressed in mammalian cells to preserve biological activity. Fusion with SUMO and expression in E. coli increased the yield of the protein, and the resultant enzyme was highly active. Thus, application of the SUMOpro system dramatically reduced the cost of goods as well and reduced the time needed to express biologically active protein.
  • The SUMOstar system is adapted for expression in eukaryotes. One of our customers was unable to express a protein using any other vector. She used the SUMOstar system to express her protein in insect cells, which resulted in a remarkable increase in the yield of active protein.

LifeSensors invites inquiries from customers who have tried many expression systems and failed to express their proteins. LifeSensors also welcomes inquiries from companies that were unable take their clinical candidates to clinical trial due to poor biological activity or prohibitive production cost. LifeSensors will demonstrate that the SUMO or SUMO star system can enhance protein production and reduce production costs. Many low molecular weight proteins/peptides express poorly in prokaryotic systems due to rapid degradation of the recombinant protein/peptide. SUMO acts as a powerful chaperone to protect the protein from degradation and enhances the yield of small proteins or peptides in E. coli.  Let us help you reduce costs, enhance your protein yield, and speed up your clinical or research program.