UB204: UBE2K (UbcH1)




UbcH1 (also known as E2-25K) is an E2 conjugation enzyme that is involved in the ubiquitylation of target substrates, along with E1 and E3 enzymes. Once an E1 is carrying an activated ubiquitin in a ubiquitin-E1 thiolester complex, this activated ubiquitin is transferred to the active site cysteine of the E2 to form a ubiquitin-E2 thiolester complex. With the aid of an E3, the activated ubiquitin is then targeted to a specific substrate lysine. UbcH1 is a biochemically important E2 due to its ability to form free K48-linked polyubiquitin chains in solution in the absence of an E3. This ability is attributed to UbcH1 possessing a C-terminal UBA domain, in addition to its E2 catalytic domain.


Species Human
Source E. coli
Tag  None
Molecular Weight 22,406.7 Da
Quantity 0.8 nmol, 3.0 nmol
Concentration 40 µM
Formulation TBS
Storage -80°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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0.8 nmol, 3 nmol


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  • Identify cognate E2/E3 pairs
  • Characterize upregulation/downregulation of E2 enzymes
  • Build poly-ubiquitin chains
  • Characterize ubiquitin chain specificity of E2 enzymes
  • Analyze expression of E2 enzymes


  • Untagged (native) E2 conjugation enzyme