UM500M: High Capacity Control Magnetic Beads (negative control)


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For use in “pre-clearing” cell lysates, as well as a negative control for the pulldown of polyubiquitinated proteins in conjunction with magnetic beads-conjugated TUBEs. Control magnetic beads are generated by blocking an activated matrix (identical to that used for TUBEs conjugation) with ethanolamine. Control magnetic beads (1 mL) are supplied as a slurry in PBS, pH 7.2.


Tag N/A
Molecular Weight
Physical State Liquid
Quantity 1 mL
Concentration Variable
Storage +4°C, avoid storing below this temperature


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  • Negative control for pull-down experiments
  • “Pre-clearing” of cell lysates prior to pull-down experiments
  • General recommendations: Pre-clear or use as a negative control for 1ml of cell lysate (3-5 mg/ml total protein) through incubation with 100µl of slurry for 1hr (4°C). Individual conditions may have to be optimized by the end user.