UE901: UbiQuant™ Plate


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UbiQuant™ is a sandwich assay that allows for the absolute measurement of ubiquitin in a cell lysate. This plate-based assay relies on capturing total ubiquitin using a proprietary ubiquitin binding reagent.  The enzyme-linked anti-ubiquitin monoclonal (VU-2) antibody generates a signal that assessed by a plate reader. The use of a ubiquitin standard curve provides a direct measurement of ubiquitin concentration.

Note: This product only includes the coated plate. See UbiQuant Kit for a complete experiment (plate, antibodies, detection reagents, blocking agents).


  • Long term: -80 C for up to 1 year
  • Short term: 4 C for up to 4 weeks

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Plate Size

96-well plate, 384-well plate


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  • Accurately quantitates total ubiquitin (mono- and poly-) using an anti-ubiquitin antibody.
  • Concentration results are obtained in µg/mL and not in arbitrary units.