AB501: Anti USP2core Antibody


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USP2 core represents the common catalytic core domain of the two isoforms of USP2, USP2a and USP2b. In vitro studies revealed that the USP2 core was able to deubiquitylate high molecular weight proteins from testis extracts and cleave Ub-PLA2 with efficiently. USP2a is androgen-regulated, overexpressed in prostate tumors and has been reported to serve an anti-apoptotic function in prostate cancer. Furthermore, ectopic expression of USP2a in non-transformed cells promotes oncogenic behavior in vitro and in vivo. Notably, Priolo et al also demonstrated that the E3 ubiquitin ligase Hdm2 was deubiquitylated by USP2a.


Host Chicken
Quantity 250 µg
Concentration Variable
Storage -20°C, Avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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  • Applications: Western Blotting
  • Recommended Antibody Dilutions: Robust detection of 0.5ug of recombinant protein was possible when antibody was used at a final concentration of 18.71μg/mL