AB201: Otub1 Antibody


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Otubain 1 (Otub1) is a member of the OTU class of ubiquitin isopeptidases. It was originally identified as a protein capable of binding ubiquitin aldehyde. Researchers have shown that it is able to cleave K48-linked ubiquitin chains in vitro. Otubain 1 has been shown to be involved in T cell function and is a substrate for Yersinia protein kinase.


Host Chicken
Quantity 250 µg
Concentration Variable
Storage Store at –20°C; Avoid repeated freeze thaw

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  • Applications: Western Blotting
  • Recommended Antibody Dilutions: Robust detection of 50ng of recombinant protein was possible when antibody was used at a final concentration of 4.57μg/mL