7110: pM-Mammalian Intracellular SUMOstar Kit


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In eukaryotes, endogenous SUMO proteases rapidly cleave SUMO fusions in vivo, precluding tag-enhanced expression and purification capacities. To circumvent this problem, LifeSensors has engineered the SUMOstar fusion system. SUMOstar offers the same solubility and expression enhancing benefits as the original wild-type SUMO tag; however, the tag is not cleaved by endogenous eukaryotic SUMO proteases. In addition, LifeSensors has created a cognate SUMOstar protease for specific  recognition and cleavage of the SUMOstar tag in vitro, liberating the protein-of-interest with a desired N-terminal amino acid. The pM-Mammalian Intracellular SUMOstar Kit allows for expression of SUMOstar fusion proteins intracellularly.

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Fusion tag His6-SUMOstar
Quantity n/a
Promoter CMV
Selection marker Ampicillin (E. coli), G418 (mammalian)
Host Mammalian cells
Storage Store vector components at -20°C. Store protease and antibody components at -80°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

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