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2151-20µg pP-secSUMOpro3 Vector

  • Product Code: 2151-20µg pP-secSUMOpro3 Vector
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The use of SUMOpro3 as a fusion system can dramatically enhance overall protein production through enhanced protein translation, solubility and stability. Each SUMO-fusion system requires a specific protease for removal of the fusion partner -- for SUMOpro3 use SUMO Protease 2.  SUMO proteases are highly specific and robust enzymes that recognize and bind to the tertiary structure of SUMO in order to correctly position the C-terminal cleavage site in the enzymes active site.  With the exception of proline, these proteases will cleave your fusion protein precisely between the C-terminus of SUMO and the N-terminus of the target protein.  This requirement for the tertiary structure of SUMO virtually eliminates the ragged ends and non-specific cleavage seen with other proteases.
This product is protected by one or more US or Foreign patents. Please read the Limited Use Label License to learn more. By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to comply with these terms.

Fusion Tag   His6-hSUMO3
Promoter   AOX1
Host   P. pastoris
DNA   Circular

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