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ELISA-based in-vitro Ubiquitylation Assay

LifeSensors ELISA-based in-vitro ubiquitylation assays employs a proprietary reagent to capture polyubiquitin chains formed on an E3 ligase or a substrate. The captured poly-ubiquitylated protein are detected by TUBE-based polyubiquitin detection reagent.  This assay is performed as a service only.

Conceptual schematic of the ELISA-based in-vitro ubiquitylation assay. Polyubiquitlyated proteins resulted from an in-vitro ubiquitylation assay are captured by an immobilized ubiquitin affinity matrix. Subsequently, unbound proteins are washed away, and ubiquitylated protein of interest bound to the matrix is identified using TUBE and traditional ELISA detection reagents.

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