UM402M: TUBE 2 (Magnetic Beads)


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Based on protein domains known to possess an affinity for ubiquitin, Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities (TUBEs) have been developed for the isolation and identification of ubiquitylated proteins. TUBEs display up to a 1000-fold increase in affinity for polyubiquitin moieties over the single ubiquitin binding associated domain (UBA). In addition, TUBEs protect polyubiquitinated proteins from deubiquitination and proteasomal degradation, allowing for detection at relatively low abundance. These properties effectively allow TUBEs to “capture” protein in its polyubiqutinated state. TUBEs can be used to isolate, enrich, and identify ubiquitinated proteins from cell and tissue extracts. Magnetic beads coupled to TUBE 2 allow for efficient recovery of polyubiquitinated proteins in a single step without centrifuge. The magnetic TUBEs allows more complete removal of the unbound supernatant, which leads to lower background. Polyubiquitinated proteins can easily be separated from TUBEs for proteomic studies or identification by Western blotting.


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Physical State Liquid
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Storage +4°C, avoid storing below this temperature

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  • Pull down of polyubiquitylated proteins from cell lines, tissues and organs
  • Isolation of polyubiquitinated proteins for proteomic studies


  • One step recovery of polyubiquitinated proteins
  • No centrifuge needed and lower background
  • Efficient isolation of polyubiquitinated proteins from TUBEs
  • Up to 1000-fold higher affinity than the single UBA domain
  • Avoid overexpression of affinity-tagged ubiquitins for pull downs