UE103: UbiQuant™ S Kit


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The UbiQuant™ S assay is a robust tool for assessing the poly-ubiquitination levels of a protein of interest in cell lysate. This platform is based on capturing poly-ubiquitinated proteins on the plate followed by detection of the protein of interest (either native or tagged) using an antibody for the purpose of quantifying the poly-ubiquitinated forms of the protein. Detecting changes in the ubiquitination state of specific proteins in response to external stimuli has been a long and difficult process involving immunoprecipitation followed by Western blot analysis. The UbiQuant™ S kit is a quick, robust, and quantitative alternative to IP/WB analysis.

Note: This kit has been optimized and validated for assessing the poly-ubiquitination levels of tagged proteins. Therefore, the end-user must specify the epitope tag in order to receive the appropriate antibody for detection ( myc, HA, FLAG®, V5, GST.  Unfortunately, His6 cannot be used for this assay).

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Primary Antibody

Anti-GST, Anti-FLAG, Anti-myc, Anti-HA, Anti-V5


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  • Determine changes in the level of substrate poly-ubiquitination as a result of cell treatment.
  • Uses an antibody that specifically binds to the protein of interest.
  • High throughput, quantitative method