UC106: E1/E2 LITE – Ubiquitin Transfer Assay Kit


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The E1/E2 LITE – Ubiquitin Transfer Assay is a kit for assessing E1/E2 ubiquitin transfer activity. This plate-based assay is based on the transfer of FRET energy between the acceptor-charged ubiquitin to the donor-charged E2 enzyme upon binding of the two. The assay employs terbium as the donor fluorophore, which has a long-lived fluorescence allowing for a time-delayed reading of the FRET signal, or time-resolved FRET (TR-FRET). This reduces the contribution from buffers, proteins, and chemical compounds.

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96-well plate, 384-well plate


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  • Counterscreening hits from E3 Ligase screens for activity against representative E1 and E2 enzymes (UBE1 and UBE2D3)
  • Screening for inhibitors of UBE1 and UBE2D3
  • Characterization of the kinetics of E2 thioester formation
  • Characterization of the mechanism of E1 or E2 inhibition
  • Eliminates the need for radioactive or Western blot-based detection of E2 thioester formation
  • Homogenous assay compatible with high-throughput screening
  • Robust assay with a S/B >10 and a Z’ >0.7
  • Compatible with 96-well and 384-well formats