UC104: E2 SELECT Profiling & Selection Kit


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The E2 SELECT™ Profiling & Selection Kit allows for assessing the E2-E3 functional relationship. Therefore, it allows for identifying the optimal E2-conjugating enzyme for an E3 ligase of interest. The assay is based on the use of a plate that is pre-coated with a proprietary polyubiquitin-capture reagent. The E1 enzyme and ubiquitin are provided in the plate along with twenty-four E2 enzymes. Addition of ATP and of the E3 ligase of interest initiates the polyubiquitination process. The resulting polyubiquitin chains are captured in the wells and are detected in a chemiluminescent “sandwich” ELISA-like assay.

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Kit Components:

  • 1 x pre-coated 96-well plate containing a mix of E1, E2, and Ubiquitin. 24 E2s are provided in triplicate.
  • E1-E2-E3 Control
  • Linear Polyubiquitin Detection Control
  • Detection Reagent 1



Storage Store at -80°C
Stability Each plate is individually prepared. Use the kit within one month.

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  • Testing functionality of over 24 E2’s with an E3 ligase of interest
  • Ready-to-assay.  Contains 24 human E2’s pre-plated in triplicate with E1 and Ubiquitin.
  • Detection system provides robust readout for E3 ligase activity.
  • E2 SELECT™ Kit utilizes non-radioactive reporter substrates.
  • Uses native, rather than tagged, ubiquitin