UB225: UBE2Q2




UBE2Q2, a member of the Ubc2 family of ubiquitin-conjugating E2 enzymes, was originally discovered as a differentially expressed gene in the endometrium of rabbits. Further studies have shown that the enzyme is involved in cell cycle regulation and inhibition of its activity leads to mitotic arrest in the presence of microtubule inhibiting agents. UBE2Q2 message and protein levels are elevated in human head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. UBE2Q2 is homologous to the UBC2 family of enzymes, and isoforms are present in a broad range of species.


Species Human
Source E. coli
Tag None
Molecular Weight 42,818.4 Da
Quantity 0.8 nmol, 3.0 nmol
Concentration 40 µM
Formulation TBS, 10% glycerol
Storage -80°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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0.8 nmol, 3 nmol


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