UB217H: UBE2M (Ubc12), His6




UBE2M (also known as Ubc12) is an E2 conjugation enzyme that is involved in the ubiquitylation of target substrates, along with E1 and E3 enzymes. UBE2M is involved in the conjugation of the ubiquitin-like protein (Ubl) NEDD8 to target substrates (NEDDylation) along with the APPBP1/Uba3 activating enzyme. NEDDylation is required for cell cycle progression. In addition, NEDD8 is conjugated to cullin family members which are a part of SCF ubiquitin E3 ligase complexes, thereby activating them.


Species Human
Source E. coli
Tag His6
Molecular Weight 21,894.2 Da
Quantity 0.8 nmol, 3.0 nmol
Concentration 40 µM
Formulation 50 mM Tris pH 7.5, 150 mM NaCl, 10 mM DTT, 10% glycerol
Storage -80°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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0.8 nmol, 3 nmol


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  • Identify cognate E2/E3 pairs
  • Characterize upregulation/downregulation of E2 enzymes
  • Build poly-ubiquitin chains
  • Characterize ubiquitin chain specificity of E2 enzymes
  • Analyze expression of E2 enzymes


  • Untagged (native) E2 conjugation enzyme