SI240: Ubiquitin- Vinylmethyl ester


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Ub-VME is synthesized by the conjugation of 4-amino-but-2-enoic methyl ester to the C-terminus of UbiquitindeltaG76. Binding of ubiquitin by deubiquitylases (DUBs), for instance UCH’s and most USPs, positions the reactive vinyl bond next to the sulfhydryl-group of the active site cysteine. Nucleophilic attack by the sulfhydryl on the vinyl bond produces a stable, covalent thioether bond between Ubiquitin and the deubiquitylase. Thus Ub-VME is a potent suicide inhibitor of DUBs.


Species Human
Source E. coli
Tag None
Molecular Weight 8,604.9 Da
Quantity 50 µg
Concentration Variable
Formulation Lyophilized powder
Storage -80°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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  • This inhibitor is useful for labeling DUBs in situ as well as preserving the integrity of polyubiquitin chains on modified proteins for analysis or purification.