PR1102: SUMO3-CHOP2 Reporter DeSUMOylation Assay


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The SUMO3-CHOP2-Reporter DeSUMOylation Assay consists of human SUMO3 fused to a reporter enzyme, as well as a separate substrate for the reporter enzyme. When fused to SUMO3, the reporter is rendered catalytically inactive. Following cleavage of the SUMO3-reporter system by the isopeptidase, free (and now active) reporter subsequently acts upon its substrate. Thus, in this coupled assay, the signal generated by cleavage of the reporter enzyme’s substrate is a quantitative measure of isopeptidase activity. This product is protected by one or more US or Foreign patents. Please read the Limited Use Label License to learn more. By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to comply with these terms.


  • SUMO3-CHOP2-Reporter System: 1 x 375 μL (4 μM)
  • SENP2 core (Control Isopeptidase): 2 x 10 μL (2 μM)
  • Reporter Substrate 2: 1 x 30 μL (25 μM)
  • Control Fluorophore 2 :1 x 20 μL (1 mM)



Storage -80° C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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  • Demonstration of novel deSUMOylating activity
  • High throughput screening (HTS) for antagonists or agonists of deSUMOylation