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MZ1 is a cell penetrant Proteolysis Targeting Chimera (PROTAC) compound based on (+)-JQ1 conjugated to a von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) ligand. It retains high affinity for BRD2, BRD3 and BRD4 bromodomains (Kd = 13-60 nM) but induces preferential degradation of BRD4 over BRD2 and BRD3. (DC50 values for degradation of BRD4 are 8 and 23 nM in H661 and H838 cells, respectively). MZ1 exhibits potent cytotoxicity and anti-proliferative effects in AML cell lines (pEC50 = 7.6 in Mv4-11 cells).


Purity >98.0%
Quantity 1 mg, 5 mg
Molecular Weight 1002.64 g/mol
Physical State Lyophilized white to off-white solid
Solubility 100 mg/mL in DMSO; 100 mg/ml in ethanol
CAS No. 1797406-69-9
Storage solutions at -80°C; desiccated at -20°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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1 mg, 5 mg


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MZ1 is a JQ1 based PROTAC that selectively degrades BRD4 in cells