DU0121: Ub-TAMRA Reference Standard


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IQF DiUb Technology
LifeSensors’ diubiquitin substrates represent a new class of substrates for the continuous fluorescent measurement of true isopeptidase activity. The C-terminus of wild-type ubiquitin is conjugated via an isopeptide bond to lysine 11, 48, or 63 of a second ubiquitin molecule with the resultant diubiquitin forming an internally quenched fluorescent FRET pair (IQF). Each ubiquitin is labeled with a single molecule of either a fluorescent reporter (i.e. TAMRA) or a highly efficient quenching dye. Cleavage of the IQF DiUb by deubiquitylases leads to separation of the fluorophore from quencher and subsequent increase in observed fluorescence. The ubiquitin-TAMRA reference standard can be used to optimize and calibrate the performance of individual plate readers (or fluorometers) for measurement of the rates of hydrolysis of our IQF-DiUb by DUBs.


Species Human
Source E. coli
Tag None
Molecular Weight 9,161 Da
Quantity 25 µg
Concentration 40µM
Formulation 50 mM Sodium MES, pH 6.0
Storage +4ºC

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  • Determination of optimal filter, gain, and attenuation parameters for achieving maximal signal to background ratios for IQF-DiUb substrates.
  • Construction of calibration curves for converting RFU to molar concentrations.
  • Exactly matches actual product released by cleavage of LifeSensors IQF-DiUb substrates.