AC2005: 17-AAG




Tanespimycin (17-AAG) is a cell permeable, less toxic and more stable semi-synthetic analog of geldanamycin. 17-AAG is a potent HSP90 inhibitor displaying a 100-fold higher affinity for tumor cell derived HSP90 over normal cell HSP90. 17-AAG displays anti-angiogenic activity and sensitizes tumor cells to apoptosis in response to such agents as taxol and cisplatin. Tanespimycin (17-AAG) depletes cellular STK38/NDR1 and reduces STK38 kinase activity. Tanespimycin (17-AAG) also downregulates stk38 gene expression.


Purity >98% by TLC
Quantity 1 mg, 5 mg
Molecular Weight 585.7 g/mol
Physical State Lyophilized red to dark red powder
Solubility >50 mg/ml in DMSO; 5 mg/mL in ethanol
CAS No. 75747-14-7
Storage -20°C, avoid freeze/thaw cycles

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1 mg, 5 mg


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