AB301: Anti-AMSH Antibody


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AMSH (Associated Molecule with the SH3-domain of STAM) is a JAMM domain-containing protein that regulates receptor endosomal sorting of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)1. Recombinant AMSH functions as a deubiquitylase in vitro and ablation of AMSH activity by incubation of cells with AMSH siRNA enhances the degradation of EGFR1. AMSH mediated cleavage of K63 linked ubiquitin chains is enhanced in the presence of its binding partner STAM2.


Host Chicken
Quantity 250 µg  
Concentration Variable
Storage Store at –20°C; Avoid repeated freeze thaw

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  • Applications: Western Blotting
  • Recommended Antibody Dilutions: Robust detection of 500ng of recombinant protein was possible when antibody was used at a final concentration of 6.88μg/mL