3101: pI-SUMOstar Insect (BEVS) Intracellular Vector


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pI-SUMOstar is used for intracellular expression of SUMOstar fusion proteins (containing an N-terminal His6 tag) in baculovirus expression systems (BEVS). Bacmid generation from this plasmid requires DH10bac for transposition into the baculoviral genome. Expression of your protein of interest (POI) is driven by the late stage viral polyhedrin promoter (polh). pI-SUMOstar contains an ampicillin marker for propagation in E. coli.

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Fusion Tag His6-SUMOstar
Quantity 20 µg
Promoter Polyhedrin
Selection marker Ampicillin
Host E. coli, Insect cells
Storage -20°C

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