2151: pP-secSUMOpro3 Vector


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The use of SUMOpro3 as a fusion system can dramatically enhance overall protein production through enhanced protein translation, solubility and stability. Each SUMO-fusion system requires a specific protease for removal of the fusion partner — for SUMOpro3 use SUMO Protease 2. SUMO proteases are highly specific and robust enzymes that recognize and bind to the tertiary structure of SUMO in order to correctly position the C-terminal cleavage site in the enzymes active site. With the exception of proline, these proteases will cleave your fusion protein precisely between the C-terminus of SUMO and the N-terminus of the target protein. This requirement for the tertiary structure of SUMO virtually eliminates the ragged ends and non-specific cleavage seen with other proteases.

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Fusion tag His6-hSUMO3
Quantity 20 µg
Promoter AOX1
Selection marker Ampicillin, Zeocin
Host E. coli, P. pastoris
Storage -20°C

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