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The SUMOpro3 Protein and Peptide Expression Kit maximizes the yield of soluble, untagged, functional proteins with desired N-termini.  While other prokaryotic expression systems use engineered protease cleavage sites that produce amino acid extensions and often result in non-specific cleavage within the protein of interest, LifeSensors’ highly active and specific SUMO Protease 2 precisely recognizes the tertiary structure of the SUMO (hSUMO3) tag, generating the desired N-terminus and never cleaving within your protein of interest. By linking a His6 epitope to both the SUMO-3 fusion tag and SUMO Protease 2, the SUMOpro3 System allows affordable, efficient and rapid purification of untagged protein using immobilized metal affinity chromatography.

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Fusion tag  His6-hSUMO3 
Quantity  n/a
Promoter  T7 RNA polymerase 
Selection marker  Ampicillin  
Host  E. coli 
Storage  Store vector components at -20°C. Store protease and antibody components at -80°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

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