Mass Spec Ubiquitin Proteomics


Traditional methods for mass spectrometry-based proteomics, such as SILAC (stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture) and others, are insensitive, poorly reproducible, costly, and time consuming. LifeSensors’ TUBEs bind to all polyubiquitin chains with 1-10 nM affinity, overcoming major problems common to mass spectrometry proteomics. LifeSensors has developed K63-, K48-, and M1(linear)-chain selective TUBEs.  LifeSensors is actively engaged in developing K6, K11, K29, K27, and K33 polyubiquitin chain-selective TUBEs.  The combination of the TUBE-based affinity technology and targeted mass spectrometry is the most powerful way to detect the alternations in PMTs and identify signatures for research and biomarkers. LifeSensors’ ubiquitin proteomics technology can detect ultra-low levels of ubiquitylated biomarkers from tissues and cells. LifeSensors provides proteomics services combining TUBE technology with Tandem Mass and synchronous precursor selection-based MS3 (SPS-MS3) spectrometry to establish and validate your biomarkers in cell and tissue samples. Our proteomics service is specially designed to monitor biomarkers for drugs that target UPS enzymes in clinical trials.


  • Identify ubiquitylation patterns specific to treatment with successful drug discovery candidates to identify biomarkers for subsequent pre-clinical and clinical studies.
  • Follow the effect of a PROTAC drug on the abundance and polyubiquitylation state of multiple endogenous proteins in the cell/tissue.
  • Assess the specificity of a PROTAC drug for its target by looking the polyubiquitylation and degradation of other proteins.



  • Identification of polyubiquitylated proteins in a cellular or animal model.
  • Identification of the number and position of the polyubiquitylation site(s) on the protein sequence.
  • Monitoring the abundance and the polyubiquitylation state of multiple proteins at the same time.


A presentation of our TUBE-based Mass Spec Proteomics Platform is here.


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