LifeSensors Inc Launches ELISA Kits- IgG & IgG/IgM/IgA To Combat COVID19

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IgG & Total Antibody Kit

At LifeSensors, we value and believe that a reliable and affordable test against COVID-19 can protect patients and healthcare professionals from around the world by detecting antibodies, from both past and present infections. COVID-19 antibody kits have the capability of doing just that. With that being said, we have launched two more SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic antibody ELISA kits—IgG and IgG/IgM/IgA (or total antibody). The presence of IgM antibodies indicate that a patient has an active or recent infection for COVID-19. IgG antibodies develop later during the infection, and typically do not appear until a week or so after infection. The advantage of the serological tests is their ability to detect antibodies during any stage of the infection. If you believe this can aid you and your community, feel free to reach out! LifeSensors is actively seeking partnerships for the fight against COVID-19. For any questions or interest in LifeSensor’s COVID-19 antibody kits or other products, please reach out to Myra Zerr at or at (610) 644-8845 ext 339.

IgG antibody diagram part of LifeSensor's COVID-19 antibody kitIgM antibody diagram part of LifeSensor's COVID-19 antibody kitIgA antibody diagram part of LifeSensor's COVID-19 antibody kit

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