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Aldrin Gomes, Associate Professor, University of California
posted 20/02/2018

"The VU-1 antibody from LifeSensors is the best anti-ubiquitin antibody that we have found after trying more than ten different anti-ubiquitin antibodies. Please click here for his paper comparing VU-1 to other antibodies."

Jennet Gummadova, Protein Expression Facility, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, The University of Manchester
posted 20/02/2018
We have tried the SUMOStar technology on one of the toughest proteins in our mammalian expression platform portfolio, which previously failed to express in various expression vectors in HEK293 cells. The SUMO fusion approach resulted in an astounding yield of 3 mg of the purified recombinant protein per Litre. Due to the conformation of the fusion protein (it was a tight dimer), we experienced difficulties when trying to remove the SUMO tag. We therefore contacted the Lifesensors’ Technical Support. The feedback was remarkably speedy, expertly and very helpful: our problem was resolved. Excellent technology. Excellent product support.
Byung-Hoon Lee, Harvard Medical School
posted 20/02/2018

"We consistently use your products because of the quality and purity in comparison to other companies and because your scientists take the time to help us troubleshoot technical obstacles we encounter in our research."

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