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Dr. Shirit Einav, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University School of Medicine
posted 29/05/2019

My laboratory has published two recent manuscripts reporting the use of FLAG-K63 and FLAG-K48 TUBE reagents. We used these reagents to study the ubiquitination of the nonstructual 2 transmembrane protein of hepatitis C virus (HCV) by the cellular E3 ligase MARCH8. By being quite selective and easy to handle, these reagents helped us characterize the specific ubiquitin modification.

Prof. David Wallach, The Weizmann Institute of Science
posted 22/04/2019
"My lab has successfully used the agarose-TUBEs. LifeSensors’ TUBEs are easy to use and highly specific. My lab is looking forward to using the linkage specific TUBEs."
Khosrow Rezvani, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Cancer Biology, USD
posted 19/04/2019

"We have used several LifeSensors products to investigate the role of the ubiquitin pathway in human cancer cells. I have been extremely impressed with the quality and reproducibility of their products. Their technical department are knowledgeable and their prompt assistance always enabled us to troubleshoot practical issues for diverse set of experiments."

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