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Henning Walczak, Scientific Director of the Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre, University College London
posted 21/05/2018

I am so pleased to let you know that my group and, as a consequence of our positive experience with your products, also many of my collaborators have successfully used the high-quality ubiquitin-related reagents provided by LifeSensors!

Joanna Mroczkowska, Lab & Production Operation Manager, Exscien Corporation
posted 27/04/2018
Fusing sumo to my protein made a tremendous difference in expression level of my proteins. I went from using WB to detect it to being able to see it on a gel stained with coomasie. LifeSensors’ SUMO Protease 1 is the best and most robust enzyme among SUMO proteases offered by other vendors. It's consistent and does not cause proteolitic degradation. I see a dramatic increase in the quality and quantity of my protein.
Aldrin Gomes, Associate Professor, University of California
posted 20/02/2018

"The VU-1 antibody from LifeSensors is the best anti-ubiquitin antibody that we have found after trying more than ten different anti-ubiquitin antibodies. Please click here for his paper comparing VU-1 to other antibodies."

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