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UM504F- 50µg Anti-K63 TUBE, Fluorescein

  • Product Code: UM504F- 50µg Anti-K63 TUBE, Fluorescein
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Fluorescein-labeled (FLR) Anti-K63 TUBE binds K63-linked polyubiquitin with a 1000 to 10,000-fold preference for K63 over other linkage types and provides a sensitive and cost-effective tool for determining the abundance of K63-linked polyubiquitin in the cell, or identifying the linkage-type associated with a particular protein of interest. Based on an engineered peptide developed by Sims et al., FLR-K63 TUBE 1 consists of multiple ubiquitin interacting motifs separated by rigid linkers, presumably increasing its affinity to extended K63 polyUb chains.

FLR- K63 TUBE 1 is useful for detection and characterization of K63-linked polyubiquitylated proteins by ‘far Western’ blotting and in situ detection (histo- or cyto-chemical staining). FLR-K63 TUBE 1 has one fluorescein molecule conjugated to a single, defined location within the protein.

Purity   ≥ 95% by RP-HPLC
Molecular weight   10,222.5 Da
Physical state   liquid
Buffer   PBS
Exc/Em wavelengths   490 nm/520 nm

  • “Far Western” blot analysis
  • Histo- or cyto-chemical staining. N.b. Sample fixation will require optimization.


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