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1001K-20ug pE-SUMOpro Kan Vector

  • Product Code: 1001K-20ug pE-SUMOpro Kan Vector
  • Availability: In Stock

The pE-SUMOpro vector is for the expression of recombinant SUMO fusion proteins (containing an N-terminal His6 tag) in E. coli. Production of your protein of interest (POI) is driven through the powerful T7 RNA polymerase-promoter system, with kanamycin resistance facilitating plasmid selection and stability.
This product is protected by one or more US or Foreign patents. Please read the Limited Use Label License to learn more. By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to comply to these terms. 

Fusion tag  His6-SUMO
Promoter  T7 RNA polymerase
Selection marker  Kanamycin
DNA  Circular


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