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Ubiquitin Chains and Derivatives

Here at LifeSensors, we offer you products that help study this important system. You can find differently linked di-, tri- and tetraubiquitin chains for your studies. We also offer DUB-resistant polyubiquitin chains that help in investigation of binding interactions through pull-down studies and a control while determining potential deubiquitylase activity towards these chains. Our lysine to arginine mutants help in studying E1-E2-E3 mediated ubiquitin ligation and DUB linkage specificity. Our rhodamine or AMC attached ubiquitin helps you in determining the activity and specificity of ubiquitin hydrolases and screen for modulators of DUB activity. In addition to these traditional ubiquitin derivatives, we have developed unique ubiquitin-based tools for DUB characterization and drug discovery.

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