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Experimental Data

In-house data

Below are examples of data generated using TUBE- based mass spec technology with pan- selective TUBEs. Here the ubiquitinated proteins have been differentiated from whole cell lysate. This methodology is sensitive enough to detect the number of ubiquitin sites on a given protein. The number of ubiquitinated proteins detected was assigned to the number of ubiquitin sites that they carry. In this case over half of the ubiquitnated proteins detected were monounsaturated. When studying the effects of a drug or genetic knockout global shifts in the ubiquitome is a good place to start your analysis.


Other global analysis provided by LifeSensors includes protein mass distribution of all proteins as well as ubiquitinated proteins. The number of ubiquitinated proteins detected was assigned to different intervals of protein mass. Here there is an interesting cluster of proteins around 30 kDa, and over 100 kDa. The ubiquitin pathway is clearly playing a role in clearing and otherwise influencing larger proteins in this experiment.  


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