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Cell Based Ubiquitin Services

Once the potency and selectivity of a potential drug is confirmed in vitro, the final step in LifeSensors’ drug discovery program is to confirm the hits in a cell-based assay as it is much closer to in vivo conditions. Many factors can lead to the effect of a potential drug not being translated in a cell-based assay such being degraded or binding to other proteins in the cell lysate. More importantly, LifeSensors’ cell-based assays represent an efficient method for a high throughput PROTAC screen that allow researchers to monitor PROTAC-mediated protein degradation. 

PROTAC Strategy 

PROTAC molecules can be used to hijack the ubiquitin proteasome system to degrade disease associated proteins.  

Our Cell-based and PROTAC Assays

LifeSensors has developed several assays for in vitro monitoring. Our assays utilize our proprietary TUBE technology for the detection of ubiquitinated proteins.  

The LifeSensors Advantage

We are committed to helping you answer the important research questions through professional service, efficient workflow, and expert service. 

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