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A New Generation of TUBEs

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Dear Colleagues,

Deciphering the Ubiquitin Code is the first step in utilizing the Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS) to drug the so-called undruggable targets. LifeSensors is proud to present a new technology which will allow for much more precise and accurate targeting of the UPS.

The new K48 TUBE HF was developed to show enhanced selectivity for K48-linked polyubiquitin chains (~20 nM) over all other linkages (>2 µM). This enhanced selectivity will allow researchers to target their specific poly-ubiquitin chain. A task which is impossible using other methods such as antibodies.

K48 TUBE HF is a High Fidelity (HF) Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entity (TUBE). It is highly versatile and can be used alone or in conjunction with our other TUBE products. Specifically, the K63 TUBE and M1 (linear) TUBE combined with K48 TUBE HF can be utilized to great effect to investigate the polyubiquitin chain linkage in your substrate protein.

K48 TUBE HF is the most precise and accurately binding TUBE to be created. K48 TUBE HF binds with a nanomolar affinity for K48 poly-ubiquitin chains. Meaning that K48 TUBE HF has a higher affinity for poly-ubiquitins than most commercially available antibodies. For mass spectrometry proteomics applications, SILAC labeling is not required due to quantitative enrighment of ubiquitylated proteins from tissues and cells.

Our team has found this increase in accuracy to be invaluable in the following applications:

Isolation and enrichment of K48-polyubiquitinated proteins from cell and tissue extracts
Far-Western detection of K48-polyubiquitinated proteins from cell and tissue extracts
Isolate K48-polyubiquitinated proteins for proteomic studies

This Figure displays the precision, accuracy, and power of the K48 TUBE HF technology. When compared to other very accurate TUBEs, we find that K48 TUBE HF provides the clearest and best expression.

Our primary goal at all times is the success of your experiment. Contact us and our senior scientists will help you plan or optimize your assays.

Mark Tingey

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