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DU0601 K6-linked Diubiquitin (IQF-K6 DiUb) Substrate

  • Product Code: DU0601 K6-linked Diubiquitin (IQF-K6 DiUb) Substrate
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The diubiquitin substrates represent a new class of continuous assay substrates for the cleavage of a true isopeptide bond.  They are based on the formation of an internally quenched fluorescent FRET pair (IQF) in which the fluorescence quencher is located on one ubiquitin moiety and the fluorescent dye is located on the second.  The ubiquitins are joined by an isopeptide linkage between the C-terminal glycine of one ubiquitin and the e-amino group of lysine 6 residue in the second ubiquitin.  
Real time measurement of isopeptide bond cleavage by a DUB.
Product Information
Purity:                                > 90%
Molecular Weight:             18,474 Da
Physical State:                   liquid
Quantity:                            50 mg               
Storage:                             +4o C


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