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PC1008 LS E3 1017 5mg

  • Product Code: PC1008 LS E3 1017 5mg
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Derivative of Thalidomide (Cat.No. PC-1006), commonly used as a precursor to PROTACs that hijack cereblon as the E3 ubiquitin ligase component. Supplied with a carboxylic acid functional handle at a position known not to significantly affect binding to cereblon, for ready conjugation to a linker/target protein ligand.


Functionalized cereblon ligand for PROTACs

Product Information

Purity:                          >98% 

MW:                                  332.26

Formula:                          C15H12N2O7

CAS Number                    1061605-21-7

Physical State:          Lyophilized off white solid

Quantity:                          5mg; 10mg; 25mg

Solubility:                          30 mg/mL in DMSO

Storage:                          Store at room temperature.



1.    Lohbeck and Miller (2016) Practical synthesis of a phthalimide-based cereblon ligand to enable PROTAC development. Bioorg.Med.Chem.Lett. 26 5260 PMID: 27687673

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