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PC1004 Lenalidomide 1g

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Thalidomide analog. Immune modulatory drug and cereblon binding compound. Induces ubiquitination and degradation of casein kinase (CK) 1α by the E3 ubiquitin ligase CRL4CRBN. Also TNF-α inhibitor and angiogenesis inhibitor.


Cereblon binder; induces ubiquitination and degradation of CK1α by E3 ubiquitin ligase

Product Information

Purity:                            >97% 

MW:                              259.26

Formula:                      C13H13N3O3

CAS Number                191732-72-6

Physical State:       Lyophilized white to yellow solid

Quantity:                      1g; 5g

Solubility:                      25 mg/mL in DMSO

Storage:                      Room Temperature



1.    Petzold et al (2016) Structural basis of lenalidomide-induced CK1a degradation by the CRL4(CRBN) ubiquitin ligase. Nature 532 127 PMID: 26909574

2.    Krönke et al (2015) Lenalidomide induces ubiquitination and degradation of CK1α in del(5q) MDS. Nature 523183 PMID: 26131937

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