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We have developed a new Website for customers to follow our innovations and the future of medicine by exploring the ubiquitin and SUMO pathway 

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LifeSensors has developed a drug discovery platform to tap into the most innovative drug targets from the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS). We are your partners, from assay development, HTS, and hit identification to UPS drug biomarkers in cells, animal models, and human clinical trials. Our TUBE-based technologies are revolutionizing the way scientists perform ubiquitin proteomics. We are providing our customers with full access to our product details and services, through application notes and visual aids. Follow our products anywhere from their discovery pipeline, to how we tailor our products to customer needs, to successful applications of our products in published works. Our products are easily accessible on our website through our dynamic cart. We also launched a blog where the LifeSensors team highlights major developments in the UPS and opportunities for diagnostics and drug development. Help us develop innovative drugs and follow how ubiquitin is changing the medical world. 


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